Seattle Realty Inc. was started in the early 1900s and then bought by Carl A. Olson in 1924. The office was in the famous White-Henry-Stuart Building at 4th and Union (pictured below).

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Bill Schourup started his real estate career in 1959 at Bob Davidson Realty in Redmond. He moved to Seattle Realty in 1964 and bought the company from Carl in 1967. 2 years before the White-Henry-Stuart building was torn down in 1974 to make way for the Rainier Tower, Bill decided to open a branch office in Bellevue and concentrated his efforts there while one of his brokers continued to manage the Seattle office. By that time his two daughters were in their teens and needed Dad closer to home and more available.

In 1974 Bill began developing real estate plats and in 1979 developed over 2,000 residential lots. Between then and 1990 he built houses, commercial buildings and over 1,000 condos. He started building himself because the lots weren't selling after the real estate bust of 1980

A former employee gave Bill a tip in 1983 that Kitsap County was a growing market because of the shipyard and good deals were to be had. In 1983 he developed his first office/warehouse in Kitsap County on Wilkes Avenue in the Auto Center and developed the NE corner of Kitsap Way and Highway 16. The building on Arsenal Way followed in 1993. Bill and his wife Bonnie moved to Bremerton in January of 1994 when he began the development for the Westinghouse building on Werner Road. This 40,000sf project was too large and too complex to manage from a distance and Bill and Bonnie liked the idea of enjoying the slower pace of Kitsap County.

In 2001 Seattle Realty Inc. became a dealer for Metallic Building Company and Bill switched from erecting concrete tilt-up buildings to steel. At that time he built the 9,500sf building on Ida Street, very close to the Werner Road property. Between 2003 and 2005 he built two buildings on 3rd Avenue not far from Prendergast Park. The last building to be completed was the 16,200sf office/warehouse in the Port Orchard Industrial Park.

Seattle Realty Inc. is now a small but active force in the Puget Sound area handling mostly commercial transactions but able and willing to work on residential deal also.